ROEB is a non profit organization, meaning that we are run solely on the kind donations from good people.  In 2012 we averaged $1000 per dog in vet bills.  If you do not have the time to help in other ways, please consider donating.  In addition to vet bills donations go to things like medicine, microchips, dog food, event fees, and more.  


All donations are tax deductible, and go 100% to helping the Bulldogs that are in rescue.  

1. Recurring Donation


This is our easiest way to donate, and also works great as a gift in someone else's name.  Through PayPal a weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring donation in the amount that you choose is set up.  After set up the donation is taken automatically, with no extra work from you.  

2. Standard Donation


The standard donation is also made simple using our automatic link to PayPal.  This is a one time donation in the amount that you choose.  

If you have wanted to help with ROEB but do not have the time or convenience to volunteer then this is the option for you!

3. Sponsor a Bulldog


Most bulldogs that come into rescue require multiple trips to the vet, often also along with multiple surgeries (neuter/spay, cherry eye, entropian, etc.) and the costs and care that accompany those surgeries.  By sponsoring a bulldog that is in resuce you are insuring that they will get the care they need by the top veterinarians in our area.  Sponsorship donations also go to things like pull fees (the cost to save a dog from a shelter or pound), and care items such as dog beds, toys, treats, daily medications (for many dogs) and special dog food because of food allergies!

4. Donation via Check


If you would rather not make your donation via PayPal we also take them by check.  These donations are also tax deductible.


Please mail your check to:



PO Box 360662

Strongsville, Ohio 44136